Sports Racing Cars: Expert Assessments

Sports Racing Cars: Expert Assessments

Hardcover, 240 pages

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(Rated 4 out of 5)

A good introduction to sports car racing seen through the cars that have dominated it over the years. All the obvious classics are there, from pre-war Bentleys via front-engined Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars etc through the classic rear-engined prototypes of the sixties (Ford vs Ferrari vs Porsche) and seventies through the Group C era of Porsche vs Jaguar right up to the return of Bentley at Le Mans. Each article can only scratch the surface of the history of the fifty cars Pritchard has chosen to analyse, but the selection is (for the most part) a good one - the only gaping omission is that of the Audi R8 (odd since its Bentley "cousin" features) - and the histories give a good feel for who was racing and winning and what the opposition was at any point in the history of sports car racing. There are some good photographs and cutaway drawings, and overall, this is a welcome addition to the literature on sports car racing.