Ice Road Truckers - Series 1 - Complete

Ice Road Truckers - Series 1 - Complete

DVD - Box set - Region 2

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SynopsisThe mines of northern Canada contain billions of dollars worth of gold and diamonds, but the only way to get supplies to those mines is a treacherous 350-mile-long road across frozen lakes--which don't always stay frozen. This electrifying documentary series dives into the dangerous, sometimes glorious, potentially fatal world of Ice Road Truckers--the men who, each season, drive their trucks across the temporary and tenuous ice roads that are constructed anew each year.


(Rated 5 out of 5)

Having seen this series on TV a while back, I made sure that I purchased it when it came out on DVD. I wasn't disapointed. The transfer to DVD hasn't dulled the experience. The scenery is still amazing, the job the truckers do is even more so.

It follows the lives of 6 truckers over the course of 2 months, delivering various loads to the 3 diamond mines. The job these people do is inspiring. OK, they do it for a shed load of cash, but even so, taking a 20 tonne truck with a 50 tonne load onto 3 feet of ice is awe inspiring in anyones language.

There is an addition not shown on Channel 5, where the truckers are round a table discussing their experience. This was an added bonus, and answers some questions that you had when watching the dvd, but to stretch it to 2 episodes, and miss out the episode of the history of the ice road (shown on TV) I thought was a missed opportunity.

Overall, a must for anyones DVD collection.